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Bug Buddies Collection. These little stress busters/worry dolls help to keep you calm in a chaotic world. Read through the postivity poem, display on the wall or a shelf and take some deep breaths, they're here to help. These make wonderful gifts for kids to remind them that they are tough and can do anything!

"I’m a Bug Buddy, a love buddy,
a when-you-need-a-hug buddy.
Your care buddy, your “I’m scared” buddy,
your I’ll-help-you-prepare buddy.

A deep breath in, a long breath out,
keep your eyes on me, and let it out.
I know it’s tough, but so are you,
there’s nothing that you cannot do.

Being brave means doing things,
despite our biggest fears.
But bravery likes hide and seek,
and it sometimes disappears.

But that’s what I’m here for, you see,
remember, deep breaths and eyes on me.
You will learn before too long,
your brave was in you all along!"

They are handmade and needle felted. Please note the colours of the "bug" may vary. Purchase with a 6x4" box frame or without.

Approximate Dimentions:

With Frame: A6 H: 17cm W: 12.5cm

Without Frame: H: 15cm W: 10cm

Bug Buddy Positivity Poem to Ease Stress & Anxiety With Felted Bug

  • If your item arrives damaged you can return within 14 days of receipt for a replacement. This will be sent once the damaged item has been received but please note that everything is made to order. Please contact us to make these arrangements and we will give you an estimated time of completion. The return postage costs are the responsilibity of the buyer.

    All items are made to order so we can not offer refunds.

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